The floating seeds of timeless travel;
Come to rest in planes that don't exist;
Visiting worlds of crystal beauty;
Offering dreams so very hard to resist;
I've seen the past, I've seen the future;
Beyond dimension and into empty space;
Finding questions, never answers;
living time behind another face;
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St. Luke
The Book of Deer (Evangelia) is a Gospel Book written in a hand that was current in the period c. 850-1000 and generally dated to the first half of the tenth century.

Consider the points of the Star as Circles and straight lines as Triangles.
Life moves as curves and circles
Wisdom is with straight lines and triangles. 
The heart resides in the center. Imagine it a Merkaba Crystal. Each point acting as the Life Circle and line is Life Triangle. 

Jimi Hendrix plays his Fender Stratocaster electric guitar with his teeth at his last concert in Isle of Fehmarn, Germany, 1970